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Dream Wife veröffentlichen eindrucksvolles Musikvideo zu ihrem Album-Closer „After The Rain“

Dream Wife veröffentlichen eindrucksvolles Musikvideo zu ihrem Album-Closer „After The Rain“

Dream Wife veröffentlichten nach ihrem Charterfolg ein neues Musikvideo. Album-Closer „After The Rain“, ein deutliches Statement zur Selbstbestimmung über den eigenen Körper und dem nach wie stigmatisierten Thema Abtreibung, zeigt die britisch-isländische Band besonders intim.

“The song was originally a voice memo I recorded after having a conversation with my sister, she had just discovered she was pregnant, and she didn’t want to go through with the pregnancy. This was happening at the same time as The Human Life Protection Act/Alabama Abortion Ban last May. Going through these multiple waves of community shame, anger at these systems imposed by the patriarchy to own women bodies, lack of trust and feeling disconnected from your own body. And not being able to articulate those feelings.”

Frontsängerin Rakel Mjöll

Das Video entstand in Kollaboration mit Regisseurin Helga Katrínardóttir. Die Band sagt zu der Zusammenarbeit:

“We have used water in both the song and video to symbolize and explore the singular yet collective experience of abortion. Water is the fundamental for all life. We are 75% water. Water is all and all pain is shared pain. It is our choice to craft the narratives of our own lives and fight the restrictions put on us by a society attempting to control our bodies. It’s feeling all the feelings and knowing that the storm will pass.

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Filmed across expansive Icelandic nature and intimate South London home the film takes the viewer on a journey from the internal to the external, from the singular experience to the collective. The dramatic differences between the interior and exterior shots also speak to the drastically different ways our home countries have mobilised in response to the current pandemic and how important it is to function collectively during times of dislocation”.

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