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Fleet Foxes teilen Musikvideo zu „Can I Believe You“

Fleet Foxes teilen Musikvideo zu „Can I Believe You“

Nach dem Überraschungsrelease von „Shore“, veröffentlichen Fleet Foxes nun das Musikvideo zur Single „Can I Believe You“. Produziert wurde die Visualisierung des Songs von Sean Pecknold.

Vom Bruder des Fleet Foxes-Frontmann Robin Pecknold produziert, besticht das Musikvideo zu „Can I Believe You“ durch starke Choreografien. Robin sagt zum Song: „This song draws from the age-old folk tradition of headbangers about trust issues.  The verse is the chorus, the chorus is a bridge, the bridge is a different song, it’s all backwards but that was what made it so fun to make.  Please enjoy!“. Sean Pecknold selbst erzählt ergänzend über die besondere Produktion:

With this film, I created an interpretation of what trust (or the uncertainty of it) feels like as two characters journey towards one another through a pulsating world. This film also reflects the frustration and lack of human connection brought to all of us during the pandemic of 2020. Our dedicated film crew worked hard to bring this to life and we hope you find metaphors in it you can relate to as you listen to the music and watch the film. As always, Adi Goodrich and I loved bringing Robin’s songs to life with mesmerising visuals. This is the third part of a three-video FF trilogy starring Jade-Lorna Sullivan and Jean Charles.

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