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Glass Animals veröffentlichen „Heat Waves“ und verschieben ihr Albumrelease

Glass Animals veröffentlichen „Heat Waves“ und verschieben ihr Albumrelease

Passend zum beginnenden Hochsommer veröffentlichen Glass Animals die neue Single „Heat Waves“ und das dazugehörige Musikvideo. „Heat Waves“ ist der introspektive Sommersong auf dem kommenden Glass Animals-Album „Dreamland“, das Musikvideo zur neuen Single wurde in London zur Zeit des Lockdowns gedreht.

Glass Animals-Frontmann Dave Bailey hat für den Clip seine eigene Nachbarschaft mobilisiert und damit für ein ganz besonderes Gemeinschaftsgefühl während der Hochzeit der Pandemie gesorgt, das im starken Kontrast zur Performance am Ende des Videos in einer leeren Londoner Venue steht.

Dave selbst berichtet über die Idee hinter dem Video: “The Heat Waves video is a love letter to live music and the culture and togetherness surrounding it. It was filmed at the peak of the lockdown in my neighbourhood in East London by the lovely people who live around me, just using their phones. These are people who are usually out at shows, in galleries, going to cinemas etc. These venues are left empty now, and many of them will not survive.

The song is about loss and longing, and ultimately realizing you are unable to save something…and this video is about that but for art, being together, and human contact. Huge love and thank you’s to everyone who got involved and helped out.

When everyone was leaning out of their windows filming, I felt that same sense of togetherness and spine-tingling energy that happened at live shows. It made the coldness of performing to an empty room with the band stuck on screens feel even more heart-breaking.”

Der Release des neuen Glass Animals-Album „Dreamland“ war ursprünglich für den 10. Juli geplant. Aus Respekt vor der Black Lives Matter-Bewegung hat sich die Band entschlossen, den Release auf den 07. August zu verschieben.

In einem Statement auf Instagram schreiben Glass Animals folgendes: “The deaths of Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery horrified us to our core…and the despicable responses of police brutality and the hideous behaviour of extremists that followed were completely heartbreaking. It couldn’t have felt more like the wrong time to release music.

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All eyes and minds needed to be focused on civil rights and understanding how to defeat prejudice, and we made the decision to pause our album release plan indefinitely. The fight for civil rights is so much bigger and more important than any single piece of music, but without continuing and growing this project, we wouldn’t be able to fight to our fullest. We’ll be releasing new music very soon, but we’ll never take our eyes off of that ultimate goal. With all of that in mind, we will be moving the release of our album Dreamland to August 7th.

Dreamland as an album stands for destroying engrained thinking patterns of all forms. Parts of the world have been designed by those who lived before us to try to make us behave and think in an unjust, black and white, and binary way. Fuck that. Life should be colourful.

Presse: Universal Music / Photocredit: Pooneh Ghana

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