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Im Wortwechsel mit SIGRID

Im Wortwechsel mit SIGRID

Nach ihrem gefeierten Debütalbum kehrt der norwegische Popstar Sigrid mit einer lebensbejahenden Hymne namens „Mirror“ zurück. Im Wortwechsel hat sich die Künstlerin mit Anna über den Lockdown, Mini-Lebenskrisen, Chameleons und Festivals gesprochen.

Sigrid, how are you and how does it feel to be back?

Sigrid: I was a little nervous before the release because it’s been a while since the last time, but all that nervousness just disappeared when it was out in the world and the response so far has been really good so I feel lucky.

The last one and a half years were so crazy and I saw so many people achieving things and always wondered „why am I’m not like this? Did I not achieve something?“ But right now I’m just starting to realize how much I’ve changed my mindset and how I see myself, and I wondered how you experience all of that.

Sigrid: I definitely recognize myself in what you said there. It was weird because social media is usually a place where it’s so easy to compare yourself to others, and you feel like everyone’s just perfect but in parts of last year, I felt like it was a very supportive community. I saw a lot of people, like big influencers and stuff, posting just getting through this year is good enough. Don’t worry, it’s okay not having a lot of progress. If you just like get through it, you’re good and you can worry about the progress for next year and they helped me a lot. I feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to take a little break.

Even though it was a bit longer than you anticipated, right? You had kind of an identity crisis because you weren’t able to play festivals and shows and I found myself on this so much – going to concerts and festivals was kind of my whole personality.

Sigrid: That’s true. I think a lot of people felt like this. I did definitely and I don’t know, it was like in a lack of a better word than identity crisis. It sounds quite dramatic, but, I guess some sort of it?

The thought of who I am without all the touring, I suddenly lost a bit sense of home.

A minor scale identity crisis?

Sigrid: Exactly! The thought of who I am without all the touring, I suddenly lost a bit sense of home. I was always thinking Norway’s my home, if I go back to Norway, everything is gonna be fine. But I was stay put in Norway, isolated and I was like „whoa, hold up like my whole life is outside of Norway!

It was quite overwhelming to think because I always thought the other way. But then I suddenly realized that a lot of my identity is in other cities across the world like London, New York and LA and all the people out there, my whole team, friends and collaborators and just that lifestyle of traveling is so much in my identity.

And meeting different parts of your personality, and I have this when I travel and visit other cities. I think I have other parts of my personality bloom in different places.

Sigrid: Yeah! I don’t think we’re different people, but we’re just showing a different side, there’s another side of you that is more present more present when I speak English, but maybe I’m a little bit more bubbly.

For a long period of time „Mirror“ is going to be my life now.  I’m like: „you might as well make it fun to sing it!“

That leads to my next question about this absolute hit, that your new single is. The themes quite well fit with what we talked prior. It’s so dance-y and disco-y and really celebrates the message.

Sigrid: Yeah, absolutely. „Mirror“ was co-written together with Emily Warren, Caroline Ailyn and Sylvester Syverson. Whenever I write songs with my collaborators, we all like to dig deep, get into the lyrics and write something that means something to me and then hopefully more people too. It’s a very personal song, it definitely has that deep undertone, it comes from a place of sadness.

In the second verse, it goes „I needed loneliness to know there’s nothing, that I can’t turn into confidence“. And it’s funny because we could have ended it on a really sad tone, but it’s also important for me to always twist it into something positive, because if not, I’m just going to sing songs that are sad. I love listening to sad songs, it’s my favorite thing, but when I think of myself, it can be quite draining.

For a long period of time „Mirror“ is going to be my life now.  I’m like: „you might as well make it fun to sing it!“

The music video is so aesthetic and these outfits…oh my god!

Sigrid: It was an amazing team on that shoot ,great styling and makeup, the director, the production company. Really fun shooting, I couldn’t stand still when I perform.

And the chameleon was definitely a really cool co star.

Sigrid: Let me tell you that when he arrived, the chameleon with his owner, everyone had to leave the room, it had to be quiet because if they can get stressed. They we’re making sure that it was as animal friendly as possible on the shoots. He was chilling, and he didn’t change color because they only do that when they are stressed.

So compliments to you!

Sigrid: I hope I was a good companion!

But sounds a bit diva-like from his side. Another question: Were you able to keep that pink dress? Because it’s so beautiful!

Sigrid: I wish. I got to explore like a lot of Spanish designers because the video was made in Spain, due to logistics and everything. It was really fun to try to wear something else.

You said you worked on new songs before the pandemic hit and said it was quite hard during it. Did you have to rework, what you already wrote, because things changed and you changed in a way?

Sigrid: We absolutely rewrote a lot more now than the past record, because on the past record we, didn’t really have time, I was just always off to something else. But this time we had a lot of time. We started a few songs right before the pandemic hit and then there was the full lockdown and didn’t do a lot for that time. But then last summer, Norway and Denmark opened up between the two countries. following all the rules. So we made a little summer camp and worked on new stuff there.

I’m very very excited to hear more of your new stuff. And to see you back on stage again where you belong, and me in front of the stage where I belong. One last question that is a bit philosophical: What you want to see in the mirror and, let’s say, a year’s time from now?

Sigrid: I want to see someone who’s just going off stage, is sweating and my hair is everywhere. Wearing my favorite outfit, dirty sneakers from walking on a big festival field. I want to see someone who’s a little bit drunk from her beer after the show.

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