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Jorja Smith singt auf „Come Over“ von der Ungewissheit

Jorja Smith singt auf „Come Over“ von der Ungewissheit

Der mit Spannung erwartete Track „Come Over“ zeigt wieder einmal das riesige Talent Jorja Smiths. Zudem ist auf dem Track  auch Popcaan zu hören – einer der größten Stars der Dancehall-Szene.

Aufgenommen während einer Reise nach Port Antonio in Jamaika, ist „Come Over“ eine fröhliche und zugleich kraftvolle Single. Inspiriert, wie Jorja Smith sagt, von „that unsure feeling when you’re talking to someone and you can’t tell how much they’re into you and you’re chasing them when – really – it can be straight up and no one should be playing games.”

Das animierte Video dazu stammt von Amber Grace Johnson, die es so beschreibt: „When all production froze due to COVID, Jorja reached out to me. Little did she know it’s a lifelong dream of mine to create an anime inspired piece, being a fan of Ghibli, Satoshi Kon, Aeon Flux, Wicked City and other classics. Best part was that production limits in animation are somewhat non-existent (except of course for how much time you have and resources). But in terms of actions, it felt infinite. I wanted an airborne scene, a hover motorbike, and a fight scene of an undefeated Jorja to kill off a fleet of slimy, artificial club fuckboys on a dystopian sun planet using her hair as her weapon. Naturally my script evolved into ideas only my imagination could dream up. We were lucky to have the opportunity to work with Future Power Station, who brought the vision to life and exceeded expectations.”

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