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NADA SURF veröffentlichen Musikfilm „Just Wait“ & neuen Song „Stories Going ´Round“

NADA SURF veröffentlichen Musikfilm „Just Wait“ & neuen Song „Stories Going ´Round“

Nada Surf veröffentlichen heute mit „Just Wait“ einen beeindruckenden Musikfilm, ein 10-minütiges, filmisches Werk mit philosophischen Meditationen, geschrieben und gelesen von Matthews Vater: Peter Caws, ein Philosophie-Professor, der dieses Jahr leider verstorben ist, sowie auch von Matthew Caws selbst. „Just Wait” ist eine ehrgeizige, aufrüttelnde Zusammenarbeit mit dem preisgekrönten Filmemacher Mark Pellington (Pearl Jam, U2).

Außerdem darf man sich heute mit „Stories Going ‚Round“ über einen exklusiven, bisher unveröffentlichten Song frreuen, welcher einen ersten Einblick in die NEVER NOT TOGETHER Deluxe-Ausgabe, die  heute ebenfalls angekündigt und am 13.11.20 erscheinen wird. Aufgenommen wurde diesecwährend der NEVER NOT TOGETHER-Sessions in den legendären Rockfield Studios in Monmouthshire, Wales. Zudem sind noch zwei weitere, noch nie zuvor gehörte Songs sowie Versionen des Songs „So Much Love“ auf Französisch und Spanisch darauf zu finden.

Matthew Caws über das Filmprojekt: “I’ve always been a great admirer of Mark Pellington’s work. We have a dear friend in common who connected us a few years ago, and I’ve been hoping to have the right project to ask him to work on. ‘Just Wait’ seemed right and I was thrilled that he was open to it. We got on the phone and quickly found that we had very similar ideas. When writing, the psychological setting I’d imagined was evening and night, solitude and quiet combined with inner crowdedness, a need to make sense of the busy world and one’s place in it.

Mark was interested in expanding on a traditional music video, possibly involving some spoken text, and asked me what I was reading. My father Peter Caws passed away in April and I had been reading and re-reading his meditations, both published (The Book of Hylas) and unpublished. I shared these with Mark and he connected with them. I was open to using them in the film because while I think they do a better job of it, the spirit of the song is really to comfort and support, to help. Now we are in this pandemic era, this era that demands patience and calm. I wish the times didn’t match the meditations and lyrics so well, but they do.

Mark’s vision of a sort of dystopian Los Angeles of the mind, with its beautiful and mysterious cityscapes, where we are all a silver traveler trying to find solace and direction, has brought the song to life in ways that I never could have imagined, though that is exactly the kind of place I was trying to find.

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Filmemacher Mark Pellington: “I have been a huge fan and committed devotee of the band Nada Surf for many years. Matthew and I connected and we decided to collaborate together on this music film, a labor of love inspired by his late father’s Peter Caws’ profound meditations. The piece actually benefited from the corona virus as we really took our time, let ideas percolate, and did not feel a need to rush and make a product. Matthew is a very generous artist and let me interpret pretty freely. We really connected to the themes of the piece, and I was magnificently inspired by his relationship to his late father, the words he created and they shared. This meditative philosophical fabric served as the character’s fuel in the film. We gathered imagery and filmed globally in three cities: Cambridge (UK), Los Angeles, and Sydney. The construction and gathering of images was very free form, unscripted and completely motivated by the music. The loose idea of a silver clad faceless ‘traveler’ moving through these lights and image landscapes was conceived as a narrative through line, and this constant imagistic metaphor was captured in all three countries.”

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