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Sam Fender kündigt neues Album „Seventeen Going Under“ für Oktober an

Sam Fender kündigt neues Album „Seventeen Going Under“ für Oktober an

Knapp zwei Jahre nach Erscheinen seines Debüts „Hypersonic Missiles“ kündigte Sam Fender sein zweites Album „Seventeen Going Under“ für den 08. Oktober 2021 an und veröffentlichte am 7. Juli die gleichnamige erste Single inklusive Video daraus! Jetzt folgt der nächste Streich mit dem großartigen Song „Aye“.

Für sein neues Werk richtet Sam Fender den Spiegel auf sich selbst, blickt zurück auf sein Heranwachsen und die Herausforderungen der Jugend.

Aber lest am besten selbst, was Sam über „Seventeen Going Under“ zu sagen hat:

A letter to my 17 year old self

Hey Sam,

it’s Sam from the future. You’re probably wondering how I’ve mastered the art of time travel, and you’re definitely fantasizing about some neo-futuristic alternate universe that looks like a cross between Star Wars and Blade Runner. Don’t build your hopes up – phones get a bit better and the internet is an even bigger cesspit than it was then.

17 is when all the challenges begin: you’re not a baby, but you’re definitely not an adult (turns out that bit takes a lot longer than you think). I’m not even sure it’ll happen at all for you, but growing up is for fools and the near dead, so stop being so serious all the time. Right now I’m imagining you on the back step of Mam’s flat on Verne Road in North Shields, smoking some shite baccy, blasting Revolver out of that sketchy CD player at such an obnoxious level that it reaches you in the backyard – and every neighbour in a square mile (if you look hard enough through your brother’s collection you’ll find a copy of Revolver where ‘She Said She Said’ doesn’t skip).

You’ll be sitting there thinking about how Whitley High Sixth Form is a waste of time and how you may as well have started working in a bar the moment you left John Spence High School in Shields. It was, you’re right.

You’ll be thinking you don’t belong there, Truth is you don’t, you’re a Shields boy with ADHD. You have the attention span of a toddler who’s jacked up on unlimited pick ‘n’ mix. The only thing that ever had your attention was music. You end up having 60% attendance for your two years there, missing an average of two days a week and surprise surprise, you fail all your exams. Although the failure is humiliating, it is not an accurate representation of your ability, you are not a loser, you are not a ‘failed musician’ as one of the kids in your class at Whitley pleasantly put it (they will appear in your DM’s 8 years later, licking your arse).

That failure and humiliation wasn’t only felt at school but was felt in almost every area of adolescence. Like a lot of people you will accumulate self esteem issues from some pretty bad bullies; from broken relationships with family; from loss and feelings of abandonment; even your physical health will severely fail you at the age of 20. But this is your superpower.

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All of the gloom that is unfairly thrusted upon the vast majority of us at this age, leaves us with a choice. You can become a charity case, you can fall victim to the vices and their destruction; or you can harness it and use it to drive forward. The stories that come from these places are universal, they transcend life’s suffering and the monotony of dead end work, they level the insanity of modern day anxiety.

Art is the purest remedy for all internal conflict and you’re taking a career in it. It’s an honour to do what you will do, never forget that. You may feel alone currently but you will realise that your stories, when put to music, open up a side of you that actually helps people. A lot of these stories were originally about you but they belong to everyone, as everyone has their own, and they will be screamed back at you – from clubs and dive bars, even arenas. Some kid, 17, probably going through a boatload of similar shit that you experienced, will be front and centre, screaming these stories as if it’s their last night on earth.

This is what you were meant to do kid, keep on ignoring the ‘plan B’ rhetoric.

And keep on keepin on.

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