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Sivert Høyem veröffentlicht mit „Run Away“ seine neue Single

Sivert Høyem veröffentlicht mit „Run Away“ seine neue Single

„Run Away“ ist die erste Single aus der EP „Roses of Neurosis“, die am 12. Februar 2021 erscheinen wird.

Massiv, melancholisch und anspruchsvoll sind alles Worte, die einem einfallen, wenn man Sivert Høyems Lieder beschreibt. Die neue Single „Run Away“ ist da keine Ausnahme. Unmittelbar zieht sie HörerInnen hinein in Høyems Welt mit seinen gewohnt tiefen und introspektiven Texten.

How I long to get away
I felt so lost today I almost prayed
The children needed someone to go out with
But I was still a child and stayed inside
And we all cried

Sivert erklärt: „We recorded Run Away during one intensive week in the studio with my backing band in September. We recorded two or three takes together in the room, and it was only a few things added on after that.  I believe in keeping as much of the raw and immediate atmosphere in the music as possible, and not to linger too much.“
„It’s five years since we were last in the studio together, and the months prior to this we had been more isolated than ever before, and frankly more than what is good for us. It was just great getting together playing again. That was the vibe I was getting from everyone. Even though this song was written a few years back, and has nothing to do with the Corona lock down, I feel like it describes a feeling that at least I have had this year.“

Høyem ist für seine bemerkenswerte Stimme und seine fesselnde Bühnenpersönlichkeit bekannt. Zeitlose Hits wie „Prisoner Of The Road“, „Sleepwalking Man“, „Moon Landing“, „Into The Sea“ und die klassische Madrugada-Hymne „Majesty“ haben ihm ein großes Publikum innerhalb und außerhalb seines Heimatlandes Norwegen beschert.

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