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„What Will You Decide America?“: Jim Kroft und sein Titeltrack zur US-Wahl

„What Will You Decide America?“: Jim Kroft und sein Titeltrack zur US-Wahl

Mit der heute erschienenen Leadsingle „What Will You Decide America?“ aus dem Soundtrack zu seinem kürzlich veröffentlichten Dokumentarfilm „A Conversation With America“, hat Jim Kroft den Titeltrack zu einer langen Wahlnacht bzw. wohl eher einer langen Wahlwoche veröffentlicht

Jim erklärt:

„Released on election day, the video combines footage from my journey filming the rise of Trump during the 2016 presidential election with iconic moments from American history assembled by Berlin based projection artist Daniela Imhoff. The resulting footage was projected onto an abandoned factory in Brandenburg  – the Papierfabrik Hohenofen by lighting guru Tim Wolf.

The factory reminded meof so many of the abandoned factories I visited in America while exploring the rise of Populism. The film is a reminder to America that it contains the dreams and hopes of so many around the world, and a celebration of many of my American inspirations including Civil Rights hero Martin Luther King, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and the Beat Poets“

„Sometimes it takes a stranger to remind us who we are”

“A Conversation with America” is a documentary exploring the rise of Populism during the US Election in 2016. Combining the strikingly different genres of road movie and political documentary, „A Conversation With America“ is an attempt to understand modern America. Travelling 8000 miles through the US over three months, British director Jim Kroft experiences first hand the major events of the US election – housing crisis in New York, the disappearing industries of the Rust Belt, the grief of Black Lives Matter in Charlotte, the rage of Hurricane Matthew in Myrtle Beach, The Wall in EL Paso, the mining communities of Colorado and the riots in Oakland.

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Through the adventure, a picture of a different America emerges; a portrait composed of the voices of people in motels, protests, factories, homeless shelters, small businesses, backroom bars, rural communities and city streets.

The resulting film – “A Conversation With America” – presents the US election of 2016 in a way that has never been seen before. Shot on a shoe-string budget and with filming, editing and music all undertaken by the director – “A Conversation With America” is an epic love letter to the US and a steadfast protest in film against hate speech in society.

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